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September 9-16, 2018

Hello to all!

Gene Autry's song comes to mind--I'm Back in the Saddle again!  Special thanks to Jim Jantz for keeping you in the loop. My bike accident was Sunday afternoon, September 2.  I spent 2 days in the hospital and I do have 6 cracked ribs, so breathing is challenged.  I have abrasions on my left elbow, shoulder and knee, but I am mending.  "Too soon old, too late smart" is an old German saying.  Needless to say, I will NOT be zooming that fast on my bicycle again.  I am too old for such shenanigans. 

Now to the upcoming scriptures.  They are Isaiah 50: 4-11; psalm 19; James 1: 19-22; and Mark 8: 27-35. We have been touring the wonderful letter of James and last week were already in chapter 2, so I am not sure why we have gone back to chapter 1.  It is here that we are challenged to ACT on the Gospel Word we receive, not just hear it and say 'that's nice."

The Isaiah reading is a prophecy about the Messiah having a 'well trained tongue', that is, He will teach Torah (the Law) well, yet He will 'set His face like flint' to DO God's will. Just like in James, we have the speaking in conjunction with the doing of the Word of God.

I see the same "speak and also act" message in the gospel as we hear Jesus confronting the disciples with 'Who do you say I am?'  His actions have been indicating that He is the Messiah, yet Peter needs to SAY it: 'You are the Christ.'  In all of these readings, faith is being called out of us, but it needs to be a faith that is more than notional. I needs to be a faith that can be read in our daily actions because with St. Peter we do confess that Jesus is THE CHRIST.

Chapel schedule for the week

Tuesday and Thursday noon Eucharist (September 11 and 13)
Wednesday Evening prayer at 5 pm (September 12)
Saturday Evening Eucharist at 5 pm (September 15) followed by fellowship and Fraternity business meeting.

Should you be free, Rev Rod Casey's Theological Educational Initiative (at Parkade Plaza) will be having a good speaker, Carolyn Custis James on women in ministry in a teleconference from 9 till 3 pm on Friday September 14.  I think it will be good. I read her very good book on the subject. It would cost you only time.  I intend to be there.

That is all I have got. Thanks for all the prayers for my recovery.

Lots of love,

- Fr. John, OFP

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