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November 11-18, 2018

Hello to all!

We are fast approaching the close of our liturgical year. We start getting "close of the age", apocalyptic kinds of readings to finish the liturgical year and approach Advent.  Our upcoming texts are Daniel 12: 1-10; psalm 16; Hebrews 10: 19-25 and Mark 13: 5-13.  Wow! I do not know how to briefly speak of these readings.  The account from Daniel speaks of a time of trouble and purification at the close of age and that we who are wise will know how to read the signs of the times. 

The second reading continues in Hebrews, this time highlighting the assurance of our FAITH, our HOPE never wavering while stirring up LOVE and good works. This section of Hebrews also strongly reminds us NEVER to forsake assembling with fellow believers (on the Lord's day).  Apparently, people quit going to church even as early as the writing of the letter to the Hebrews.  We need Christ as He presents Himself mystically in our gathering in His Name.

The gospel is a portion of the apocalypse of Mark (all of chapter 13).  It responds to the disciples' questions about the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple as well as talks about general times of tribulation. I encourage us to read the whole chapter 13 even though our lectionary portions is smaller. And read your footnotes and commentaries. We do live in interesting times.

Chapel Schedule

Tuesday and Thursday noon Eucharist (November 13 and 15)
Wednesday Evening prayer (November 14) at 5 pm
Also Thursday at 8 pm I preside at Eucharist at St. Francis Catholic Worker House
Saturday 5 pm Eucharist (November 17). At this liturgy, Bette Ham will be received as a novice in the Order of Franciscan Penitents. 
Fellowship will follow and at 8 pm on Saturday is the Fraternity business meeting.  Reminder, there will be the opportunity for video or audio connection through our 'Go To Meeting' program.

I believe that is all that I have.

Blessings to all!! 

- Fr. John, OFP








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