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December 10-17, 2017

Advent Love and Devotion to all!

Well, this coming weekend brings us to Gaudete (Rejoice) Sunday, which is considered the midpoint of our Advent preparation. It is named for the Latin first word of the second reading.  Speaking of the readings, here they are.  Isaiah 61: 1-4 (5-9) 10-11; psalm 126; 1 Thessalonians 5: 16-24; and John 1: 6-8 (9-18) 19-28. I encourage you to read these texts straight through (including the parentheses too) as you prepare, though we will drop the parenthetic texts when we read them on Saturday at the Eucharist.

The first reading is familiar to many of us because it is quoted on the lips of Jesus in Luke chapter 4. Jesus sees these words as fulfilled in Him as he read them in the synagogue assembly. The Spirit of God IS UPON HIM...and so He greatly rejoices.  He has a job to do and we join Him in that mission and this hastens His Coming Again.

The section of 1 Thessalonians 5, beginning at v. 16 reads like a recipe; Rejoice, pray, give thanks, be open to the Spirit, welcome true prophecies, test everything, hang onto all that is good and stay away from evil. This is a great practical scripture for knowing how actually to do Advent preparation.

Our gospel lection today focuses on John Baptist and his importance in preparing the Way of the Lord. He is just hacking out a road for Jesus, who is the real agenda, the awaited Messiah, THE BAPTIZER IN THE HOLY SPIRIT.

The chapel calendar:
  Tuesday and Thursday noon Eucharist (December 12 and 14)
  Wednesday evening prayer at 5 pm
  Thursday study after noon Eucharist: Your Church is too Small
  Also, Thursday 8 pm, I  preside at 8pm Eucharist at St Francis Catholic Worker house.
  Saturday 5 pm Eucharist, fellowship, then FRATERNITY BUSINESS MTG.

Thanks to all who went to celebrate Eucharist on Sunday at our Cathedral.  And special thanks to their parish community for such a warm welcome

That is all that occurs to me. Love to all. 

- Fr. John, OFP






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